Thursday, September 10, 2009


Here i am searching
For some sort of peacefulness
cause i'm seeing the blu sky
is merely filled with restless blood
the land entirely lived with
those culprits and cruelty
those master of disaster
and head of destruction
i'm tired of moving away
running from a steer towards another
leaving the hardship that will never ends
running from the torturing atmhosphere
i'm hate feeling scared
from those who are not suppose to be
on the top ofmy own country
we are the one who are suppose to be ruling
the country where we belong to
here it is
as one of the beuty sky
swearing to share the pain
with whom it has to
the blood and tears have to return to its owner
our land is going to free with disgrace
islam is free form humiliation
let islam win
let mujahid all over the world united
to battle with jahiliyyah
until the ends islam will always win
until the end also islam will always remains free..

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