Sunday, November 27, 2011

alone again!!!

I'm still at Malacca this weekend but alone..waaaaaa..all my frens balik hometown sad..

Training at KUIM,for me it's good b'coz can help me to improve my english n communication skill..i know i'm very bad ini English..always speak manglish(rojak campur maa)..haha..that way i accept this challenging..n hope get a good job in future..

Malay lak laa..mula2 dtg x ramai,my level confident pon dah low but still stay at here..after 3 days its good n my level confident pon dh highest..n i hope,after training i get a good job n confident to public best je..thanks to Mr.Ben yg cool n Izzhar yg sweet b'coz patience with me..hihi..pasni i want upload new pic at here..waiting ea..:)

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